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Option Process Dialogue

Option Process Dialogue Mentor

The Option Process Dialogue builds on the legacy of the Greek philosopher Socrates. Socrates used questions to challenge his students to discover their own answers to life. The Option Process Dialogue is an effective logical system of questions asked with an accepting, non-judgmental and nondirective attitude. The explorer (client) begins to uncover beliefs and attitudes that have fueled discomfort, distress, and self-defeating behaviors. The dialogue allows the client to be the leader of his or her own inner journey and determines his or her outcome. The mentor is absolutely neutral and simply proposes the questions to gain clarity, reasons for feelings and behaviors, challenge expressed beliefs, and concluding a dialogue session. The explorer decides, on their own, to adopt, create, or discard any belief they want.

For more information check out www.option.org 

Core Option Dialogue Principles:

  1. You are your own best expert
    Questions are designed and asked to help you find your own best answers-no advice or interpretations of your feelings or behaviors will be offered.

  2. There are not right or wrong answers
    You choose the focus of exploration throughout the process and the mentor will follow your answers with a question.

  3. You can change your life
    By uncovering and eliminating self-defeating beliefs you can help yourself become happier, more comfortable, more self-empowered and more successful in you life.