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Functional Laboratory Assessments

My friend and mentor Paul Chek says 'If you’re not assessing your guessing!' The well-being program utilizes scientific laboratory assessments to identify individual nutritional deficiencies and help accurately guide dietary and nutritional supplement recommendations.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

Hair analysis is a screening test. A screening test by definition is not intended to be diagnostic of any disease or condition. A small sample of hair, when processed properly in the laboratory, provides a reading of the mineral and heavy metals deposited in the cells and interstitial spaces of the hair. It is a representation of the average that has occurred over a 3-4 month period. When HTMA is interpreted correctly, it can provide information on the following:

  1. Toxic heavy metals

  2. Stage of stress

  3. Metabolic type or oxidative rate

  4. Glandular activity; specifically adrenal and thyroid effects

  5. Liver and kidney function

  6. Digestive stress and function

  7. Carbohydrate tolerance

  8. Tendencies for over 30 common health conditions

  9. Trends for common psychological conditions such as AD/HD, depression, and anxiety

  10. Mineral levels and mineral ratios

HTMA it is by far the single most import test. When combined with the next two tests it presents a clearer picture. This assessment is a requirement for all clients.

For more information go to www.drlwilson.com  and www.arltma.com 

Functional Adrenal Stress Profile (FASP)

Our biological function is directly linked to the rise and fall of the sun and moon. This is referred to as the 24 hour circadian rhythm. The FASP assesses how our hormones are following this natural rhythm. When out of rhythm hormonally, we become out of rhythm with all of nature. This simple, easy to use, self administered saliva test provides critical information about your adrenal glands hormone production. Under chronic stress these glands become fatigued and unable to produce adequate amounts of stress hormones to the detriment of the sex hormones. Then literally every aspect of health begins to be compromised. The basic FASP is required for all men and women over 35 and more specific hormone panels when over 40 or with specific health challenges.

This information helps to determine if natural hormone protocols are necessary. If so, then it offers scientifically proven treatments assist balancing the adrenal hormones and help you get your rhythm back.

I am not a proponent of natural hormone replacement. Often they make matters worse and people rely on them instead of changing unhealthy habits of living. Therefore, I much prefer clients make small consistent lifestyle changes that promote health and healing. However, some individuals do better with 3-6 months of natural hormone supplementation.

For more information go to www.biodia.com  and www.biohealthinfo.com 

Metabolic Assessment Profile

This profile provides an index of general digestive metabolism by assessing protein digestion, oxidative damage caused by free radical activity, and bile acid sulfates (UBAS)-a direct measurement of liver function. It involves the analysis of two urine samples easily collected by the client at home. It is suggested for all clients over 35 y/o and those with specific health challenges.

A high level of indican would suggest impaired protein digestion and the need for digestive support along with removal of specific proteins for an individual’s blood type and potential need for a four day rotation diet.

A high level of lipid peroxides indicates cell membrane damage by free radicals and suggests a high need for anti-oxidant support.

A high level of bile acid sulfates indicates some level of damage to the liver. It is suggestive of the need for herbal support to aid the liver’s ability to detoxify and rebuild properly.

For more information go to www.biodia.com  and www.biohealthinfo.com