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Conscious Connected Breathwork

Learning to breath energy-Prana or Chi, as well as air is a spiritual purification practice to help heal from the trauma inflicted through human conditioning and ignorance. The breath is the power of the mind. It is the bridge between our Soul and body. With every breath our Soul is drawn into our body. The simple act of breathing energy as well as oxygen is the greatest healer for the physical body. The process is very simple. By lying down a breathworker instructs you to breath in a connected rhythmic way where the inhale and exhale merge as one breathe. With every inhale you breathe in Prana, Spirit, or Chi. With every relaxed exhale you let go of any accumulated tension held in the body. As tension leaves the body only peace, love, joy and bliss can enter your consciousness. Any fear will activate physical discomfort and mental resistance. If you continue to breathe it will wash away the fear and leave you in a state of peace many refer to as a “biological experience of God.”

For more information check out the following links: http://breathmastery.com  ; http://www.rebirthing.com  ; http://www.rebirthingbreathwork.com

The Core Principles of Conscious Breathwork-Rebirthing

  1. To teach and learn how to breathe from the breath itself; this has never changed nor can it ever change.

  2. To safely, gently and intuitively guide the breathing rhythm until the internal awareness of breathing energy is experienced by the client.

  3. This process can not be pushed or forced. There is no technique that can control it nor cause it to happen. None is necessary. The client is in full control of the process which gives them the empowerment to heal themselves.

  4. To discover the Source of Life between our thoughts.

  5. It is a way to reconnect to the Infinite Intelligence that is within each of us.