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Dan Hegerich "The Blue Collar Healer"

My quest for vibrant health and peace of mind began in 1994, when I was first diagnosed with a terminal form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My oncologist at that time, Dr. Lawrence Cloud, asked me, “Dan, How did you get into the business of cancer?” This profound question was the spark which ignited my Soul to find answers. Thus my call to action began.

Between 1994 and 2000 I experienced 5 relapses, financial hardship, disability, a painful divorce, bi-polar disease, depression/anxiety, panic attacks, and lower back problems on top of managing the responsibility of daily living and the burning desire to be alive rather than simply exist.

Finally, after 6 years of aggressive chemotherapy protocols, a bone marrow transplant, 52 high dose radiation treatments, surgeries, and psychiatric drugs, I abolished traditional medicine, surrendered to a Higher Power and took matters into my own hands.

With fear pushing at my back and faith pulling me forward, I researched and applied alternative methods in nutrition and exercise. Most importantly, I began to change my beliefs about life, love and happiness.

Within five months, I was cancer free!

Through illness I learned more about myself than I did in all the education I received from my parents, schools, religion and social norms. The apparent pain and suffering was my greatest teacher in showing me the importance of living healthy and the wisdom how to live dis-ease free.

Now I desire to inspire and teach you how to uncover, recover, and discover that health and peace of mind are within you.

Dan's Professional Training

Einstein stated “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." Therefore, the solution to my health and healing began by raising my conscious awareness to think from a Higher Point of view.

With complete certainty, my greatest professional training started with faith in my beliefs about health and healing. When applied with personalized academic knowledge, my innate wisdom was born.

"Faith personally applied cures." -Wallace D Wattles

Blue Collar Expression: "The C.U.R.E. is Correct Understanding of Relativity and Existence"