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Absolute Health and Healing

What is the Absolute?

  • In my opinion the Absolute is completion and commencement at the very same time.

  • It is always positive as expressed through mathematical science. The Absolute of a number is always that number in positive terms. Example: the Absolute of -1 is 1.

  • The Absolute is forever expanding and therefore can not be fully experienced nor expressed.

  • The Absolute is beyond words; words will never be able to capture the magnitude and expansiveness of the Absolute.

Blue Collar Expression: "Make it up!"

What is Health?

Health is nutrition and movement.

Nutrition and movement are the two strains of human life that bind our soul, mind and body together.

Nutrition is the quality of life!

  • Sunlight, moonlight, pure rest, breath of life-Prana or Chi, fresh air-oxygen, artesian water, oceans, friendship, rest, fun, art, and beyond organic foods are the raw materials which are all an aspect of nutrition.

  • Nutrition is composed of the elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire

  • Nutrition is the by-product of the efficient metabolic processes through digestion, assimilation, and elimination of such raw materials.

  • Everything we put into our body, on our body, into our minds, and what environment we put ourselves in, will either contribute to our aliveness or take away from our aliveness.

  • Nutrition is Bio-diverse organic produce, pasture fed animal products and eggs, deep ocean wild caught fish, consumed in a raw or live state, provide the highest quality of nutrients required to repair, restore and rejuvenate our human body.

Blue Collar Healer expression: "Put your money where your mouth is!"

Movement is the quantity of life! Not in how much we have but in how much we have to give.

  • It is the flow of Spirit seeking expression through our thoughts, feelings and actions.

  • Singing, dancing, talking, writing, drawing, lifting weights, hiking, exercise of all types, gardening, working, sex, crying, sneezing, and laughter are all examples of movement.

  • Life is dynamic and movement is the expression of the aliveness of life and love within you.

  • Movement is GOAL Setting and GOALS stand for GO After Life Success

  • Movement is action!

Blue Collar Healer expression: "What are you gonna DO about it?"

What is Healing?

Healing is the quality and quantity of love we express and experience in the world.

The quality of love is directly related to your level of non-judgment and non-attachment.

The quantity of love is directly related to your level of self acceptance and self knowledge.

HEALING is Heading Eternally After the Love IN God

  • Healing is primary.

  • Healing involves changing our mind and heart by changing our thoughts and through loving relationship with others and all things.

  • Healing is restoring our true heart through the love for our body temple, the love for humanity and mother Earth, the love for our True Self and father Universe, and the love of our Creator.

  • Healing is the conscious purification process of reversing the long series of adaptations and compensations that have caused separation from our Real Self.

  • Healing is coming together in wholeness: I love me, I forgive me, I understand me.

Blue Collar Healer expression: "Wake up!"